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Classes Offered at Synergy

Click on the headings below to browse the classes available for each age group

Our Pre K program is designed for new dancers ages 3-4. Each individual class is 30 minutes long, combo classes include 2 subjects and run for 60 minutes. Our main goal at this level is to inspire a love for the art of dance and encourage young dancers to explore their freedom and creativitiy.

Flexibility, Dance Fundementals and most of all Fun will be the focus in these classes. 

Level II

This level  is the next step after Pre K classes to further your dancers education. These classes are for ages 5-8 and will give your dancer the opportunity to explore new dance subjects and expand their range in dance. Single classes will run for 45 minuets while combo classes run for 60 minutes. Basic dance terminology and well as technique are key components at this level.

Level III

Our Intermediate level is perfect for dancers ages 9-12. Dancers that are ready for a more structured class environment and ready to push themselves in their dancing. More advanced dance skills will be taught at this level as well as more complicated choreography. In addition to continuing to promote the love of dance, improving their technique will also be our goal at this level.

Level IV

Our advanced level classes will challenge your dancer both physically and artically. A higher  level of technique is expected in these classes. The choreography is more difficult and taught at a faster pace. Ages vary at this level but we recommend 12 and up. Students at this level are encouraged to always make ballet part of their dance cirriculum to enhance their flexibility and perfect their technique

The Synergy Dance Company is reserved for our most dedicated and talented dancers. Our Company competes regionally and nationally in all subjects of dance. Auditions are held each Summer for dancers 9 and up. Dancers 6-8  are accepted on a trial basis without an audition. Company members work hard, play hard and dance hard!  Summer Natioanls are mandatory for every member.

If your dancer is ready for a more challenging, measured and monitored ballet class, Cecchetti may be for you. Synergy offers Cecchetti in Grade I through IV at this time. All classes are small and personalized and follow the original and unique syllabus defined by the Cecchetti Council of America. Click the box above for more information.

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