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Ms Regans Hip Hop Class.jpg

Ms. Regan's - Monday Hip Hop

Hip Hop Class

Ms. Regan's Monday Hip Hop New Steps

waiting to be a ballerina.jpg

Ms. Chyna's Monday Ballet/HH

boy hip hop dancer.jpg

Ms. Chyna's Wednesday Hip Hop

cross leg jump.jpg

Ms. Chyna's Thursday Contemporary

4 kids group hip hop.jpg

Ms. Mackenzie's Monday JFH

Female jazz dancer.jpg

Ms. Maddi's Thursday Jazz 

Ballet Dolls

Ms. Patti's Tuesday FTB

Close Up of Tap Shoes

Ms. Patti's Tuesday Tap

Dreaming of being a dancer.jpg

Ms. Chyna's Monday FTB

hip hop kids.jpg

Ms. Chyna's Monday HH

kids hip hop sitting pose.jpg

Ms. Chyna's Monday Ballet/HH

child dnacing in pink tutu.jpg

Ms. Chyna's Thursday Ballet

musical theater jump.jpg

Ms. Lynne's Musical Theater

Tap Shoes

Ms. Mackenzie's Monday Tap

red shirt dance background.jpg

Ms. Maddi's Thursday Contemporary

ballet child in pink leo .jpg

Ms. Chyna's Wednesday FTB

Ballet Legs.jpg

Ms. Chyna's Thursday Ballet - 2nd Video

Ballet in the mirror.jpg

Ms. Mackenzie's Monday Ballet

Girl in blue shirt hip hop.jpg

Ms. Mackenzie's Monday Hip Hop

Ballerinas in Class

Ms. Patti's Thursday Ballet

pointe dancer in pink dress.jpg

Ms. Lynne's Thursday Ballet

Tap Dance Class

Ms. Patti's Thursday Tap

kids hip hop sitting pose.jpg

Ms. Patti's Thursday Hip Hop

Two Young Ballet Dancers

Ms. Mackenzie's Tuesday Ballet

Old Tap Shoes

Ms. Mackenzie's Wednesday Tap

Shiny black tap Shoes

Ms. Mackenzie's Tuesday Tap

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