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Established in 1981, JEFFERY A. TAYLOR DESIGN
is a full service Freelance Graphic design
agency delivering the highest quality in design and
concept to production. TDS mixes excellent creative
hybrid designs in using todays technology to develop
solutions that solve the business needs for our clients.

Since 1981 we have had the opportunity to work with
various private and public sector organizations
throughout Michigan and the nation.  Regardless of the
shape or size, each of our respected clients receives the
same attention to detail and focus when we develop a

With over 26 years of experience in Graphic design,
Automotive design, Aerospace design, Retail design,
Defense Contract Support, Architecture design, TV &
Entertainment, Business branding and Website design we
are one of Detroit's most innovative design agencies.

My team is full of creative thinkers &  designers creating
hybrid ideas and solutions to all your design needs. Our
professionals are committed to servicing all your design
needs no matter what time of the day or night it may

We share a common vision and work together in a
collaborative process to create meaningful work and
positive change. This is what sets us apart from our
competition.  Our work grabs hold and hangs on.  It
engages and then it reacts in sophisticated ways that are
intelligent clever and intuitive.

We invite you to view our portfolios of each design
service to see how much thought, creativity and effort we
put into each project we develop.

Please contact us on your next design project or use our
online quote contact information.
Creative expertise in generating all your business and marketing collateral needs, Skilled in
developing your branding logo designs, business collateral, flyer advertisements, Eblast
advertisements, business cards, postal mailers, print ad, web ad, ,brochures, ,banners, posters,
newsletters, and complete design packages and so much more!

Inspirational designs coming from a background since childhood of automotive, architectural and
product design. Knowing what is possibly with today’s technology, developing “Out-of-the-box”
innovative ideas.  Bringing concept ideas to production to life! Anything that may be scratched
on a napkin or just listening to each client verbal ideas, we bring it all together. Supplying our
design work in all global formats.

All based on concept we have over 35 years of experience. Many of our design shave made it to
the streets. Once working for Ford Motor Company, our designs were mentions as being “Street
ready”. We take all ideas, themes, technology combined and design vehicles that meet or
exceed today’s standards. Bring the talent from what we call “The other side” we bring to life that
which does not exist.

Working in the aftermarket business for over 15 years, we have supplied the OEM’s with all kit
documentation. Creating these kit instruction sheets from onsite installations of the actual
aftermarket kits. Generating the storyboard assembly stages with the OEM engineers is a daily
task. We shoot the images; create the illustrations and artwork along with the stage-by-stage
teardown write up and assembly of each aftermarket kit. We also handle the translations of each
kit process covering NAFTA and BUX regions. We also include mass printing of all installation
sheets and shipping to US, Mexico and overseas.

Supporting defense contracts is nothing new to our team; our staff of illustration experts can
handle any high-volume requirement for any defense contract. We have developed the various
levels of TM manuals and the ETM’s for our warfighter’s in the field. Being clear and accurate is
mandatory to our warfighters as they may be under fire while repairing any one of their vehicles.
This is what we do best working with our soldiers onsite, we develop the publication graphics and
text narrative to each specific task. Out team has complete understand of all current MIL-SPEC’
s. When you are under fire you can’t wait to read through a procedure to get it right, our
graphics have led the way in supporting our warfighters so that they stay underway.

Our team has supported various aircraft companies In the US and abroad. Developing each
publication and graphic materials both in hardcopy and electronic formats supporting  aircraft
assembly and repair manuals. We have worked from cargo jets to full blown passenger jets,
developing all repair and maintenance graphics to be clear and concise in each publication.

Having well over 25 years of experience our team of designers have created everything from
home additions to corporate building design and renovations. Providing blueprint and elevations
drawings to full scale renderings of a complete building project. We have developed many
Detroit area business renovations and their building designs that have been used by various
contractors to build.

We develop a brand image of any clients clothing line, whether it’s a concept taken to production
or a current line looking to a fresher look. We take into account each clients audience that the
clothing line is being marketed to. We supply all graphics, clothing style designs and complete
marking campaigns for all buyers.

You business brand is key, to any business whether it’s on your building, print ad, website, your
log needs to stand apart and be identified and remembered to everyone. A basic name like
“McDonald’s”, Apple”, “IBM”. Each design reflects that business and when a person mentions
that name, automatically they know what that business is all about. This is what we do best, we
take your business format and develop branding design that best reflects your business entirely
and will be remembered.

Our team has over 15 years of political campaign designing, creating a theme for each
candidate is key, just like branding a business; you need to brand a candidate that people will
remember. We create everything form the ground up, campaign team, images, website design,
billboards, postcards, door kickers and all marketing collateral for each candidate. We work with
your team to create a graphic platform that many will take notice in.

Your business storefront on the web is key. Today’s businesses rely on the web to sell most of
their products without a good website; your business may go nowhere? Out team can create,
develop and maintain your site from the ground up. We don’t use template as many
advertisements and other web programs may offer. No we start from scratch, what we call “A
Blank sheet of a paper”. Using you ideas, logo, or similar designs from other site, we pull it all
together and give you an excellent user friendly website that you clients will love using.

We have created many TV and movie concepts some of which are being used now on current
cable and national networks. Taking your idea of a show or movie and pulling abstract creative
ideas together to give each audience a spectacular design that will always be remembered.
Designing a show marquee is key because when any a person sees it, that image alone will tell
them what to expect from each design.

Developing a theme for your theatrical play, dance or any stage event is what we do best.
Creating the initial concept theme and designing it into all of your marketing collateral is an
everyday affair for us. To ensure that your event has the professional look it deserves, each one
having its own characteristic.

Losing a loved one or a fallen icon is never easy, we take great pride and respect in designing
and creating poster designs and remembrance programs to each aspect. We have created
tribute to holidays, pour armed forces, past landmark icons and of course 9-11. We represent
the best in each creation.

We love our sports teams; many of them form the high schools, colleges and pro teams. We
create design posters and merchandise that reflects that spirit in each team. Covering every
field of every sport around town and around the world. We can design a theme that our fans will
appreciate, whether it’s a new branding idea or using your current emblem, we deliver results
and only the best!

Having our memories preserved Is the best way to reflect upon those in our lives. Many images
from eth past have become damaged due to weather or age. Our skilled experts take great pride
in restoring each image or images to their original look. Sometimes it’s even bringing several
images together as one. Picture perfect and ready to print in each case.

For over 20 years we have created PowerPoint presentations for many corporations and small
businesses. Whether it’s a “State of the Business” meeting, “Sales meeting” or any corporate
function that is required. We pull the images; develop content and add animated show that will
keep your clients attention. Even if it’s for a high school hockey banquet we do them all.
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